Armed Robbery Training Manual DVD / CD

The Armed Robbery Training Manual DVD and CD are authored by armed robbery expert John D Moore, CPP.  The training manuals are designed to help you, your co-workers and managers, learn how to reduce the robbery risk that you have. This manual provides law enforcement and security trainers with the tools they need for their training responsibilities.  The manual presents you with core educational content, as well as slides, high-resolution images, and support material so you can be the teacher.  Core topics are followed by content outlines and study guide questions. All core topics contain any forms, full color images, checklists, guidelines, or procedure cards relevant to that particular armed robbery topic.  The Armed Robbery Training Manual is a great training aid to use in conjunction with the CARTA Inc. Armed Robbery Response Seminar Training Course. 

The Armed Robbery Training Manual DVD and CD are available to purchase online at:

ARTA Armed Robbery Training Manual