CARTA Robbery Mitigation and Threat Management
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Truck Hijacking Response Seminar Benefits

The Truck Hijacking Response Seminar Training is an interactive four hour classroom session that is offered in conjunction with our training partner AFI International Group Inc.  The course can be delivered on-site at the client’s trucking company or at AFI International Group Inc. training facilities throughout Canada & the US. The course teaches drivers steps to take to avoid a truck hijacking from taking place.  In the event of a truck hijacking participants are provided with a solid understanding in how to react and what actions to take following a hijacking incident.  Participants will gain the knowledge and confidence to respond safely and effectively to a truck hijacking situation. Participants will also develop effective observation skills and participate in a series of truck hijacking incidents utilizing video clip scenarios.  This is the most comprehensive Truck Hijacking Response Training Seminar offered in North America.

Program Highlights

  • Training can be delivered on-site at trucking companies.
  • Training can be delivered at AFI International Group Inc. training facilities in both Canada and the US.

Program Benefits

  • Enhanced driver protection
  • Minimize risk of driver injury or fatality during a truck hijacking incident
  • Facilitate appropriate post robbery procedures that can assist in suspect apprehension and load recovery
  • Develops effective observation skills and strategies
  • Ability to identify multiple suspects
  • Better technical knowledge of robbery weapons
  • Appropriate response actions during a robbery (active vs. passive resistance)
  • Preparation to effectively complete robbery description forms and handle police questioning

Key Employee Benefits

  • Minimizes Risk of Injury during a Truck Hijacking Robbery - get the knowledge, procedures and confidence to respond to a truck hijacking safely and effectively.
  • Learn effective strategies to avoid a truck hijacking robbery from taking place.
  • Training in Post Robbery Procedures - the rate of apprehension of robbery suspects is greatly increased if employees follow post robbery procedures.
  • Develop Effective Strategies for Observation – using planned strategies at a time of stress means employees greatly increase the scope and reliability of their “offender” descriptions.

Key Employer Benefits

  • Helps manage Bill C-45 Legislation (Criminal Liability of Organizations) liability for all decision makers that could arise from a truck hijacking robbery incident where an employee is seriously injured or killed in your workplace.
  • Helps management comply with Bill C- 168 legislation relating to workplace violence requirements.

Bill C-45 – A Powerful Incentive for Robbery Mitigation Training
Many companies take occupational health and safety obligations seriously. In addition to the Canada Labour Code Regulation 19 - Hazard Prevention Program, a 2004 amendment to Bill C-45 redefined corporate responsibility. These changes are expressed in the duty of decision-makers as follows:

“Everyone who undertakes, or has the authority, to direct how another person does work or performs a task is under a legal duty to take reasonable steps to prevent bodily harm to that person, or any other person arising from that work or task.”*

Disregard of this duty resulting in bodily harm or death can result in a change of criminal negligence.

Transportation businesses operate in an environment where a truck hijacking robbery is considered to be a high risk factor for employee workplace health and safety. Acceptable risk mitigation activity includes appropriate truck hijacking robbery response training and is the responsibility of all supervisors.