CARTA Robbery Mitigation and Threat Management
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Course Overview

Canadian Armed Robbery Training Associates Inc. (CARTA Inc.) is a Hamilton, Ontario based company that provides armed robbery training to high-risk commercial businesses.  Our trainers and instructors are veteran law enforcement officers with extensive experience as robbery investigators.

Our four hour Robbery Management and Observation Skills Seminar is specially designed to train corporate security personnel, managers and employees to properly manage an armed robbery situation.  As a part of the instruction, participants will be trained to effectively develop their observation skills and to conduct proper post robbery procedures.

The classroom training content consists of educational theory covering essential core robbery related topics from the Armed Robbery Training Manual CD  in combination with the use of short duration, interactive and non-violent training scenarios by use of photographs.  This type of training allows employees to walk through the mental thought process of a robbery situation in a controlled, comfortable and stress free environment. Our training can assist in minimizing both business and employee risk in the event of an armed robbery situation.

Robbery Management & Observation Skills Seminar
Core Robbery Topics Discussed

  1. Robbery Classifications & Trends
  2. Robbery Motives & Goals
  3. Three Myths of Armed Robbery
  4. Armed Robbery Training – What to Train?
  5. Resisting a Hold-Up – Active / Passive Resistance
  6. Short Duration Robbery Training Techniques
  7. Weapons of Robbery (revolvers, pistols, edged weapons, long rifles, shotguns, intimidation weapons, ammunition and bomb devices)
  8. Robbery Management – Observation Skills- Robbery Description Form
  9. Robbery Training Practices – Post Robbery Procedures – Procedure Cards
  10. Police Response & Investigation
  11. Robbery Hardware – (safes, vaults, cameras and alarms)
  12. Bomb Threat Call Form & Search Procedures

Non-violent Interactive Training Scenarios

Observation Skills Individual Exercise - each participant views a photograph of an armed robbery culprit, hold-up note & get away vehicle then fills out a culprit description form.  Following the exercise there is a group critique and comparison.

Post Robbery Procedure Group Exercise – a robbery scenario is provided using photographs.  Each group uses their assigned robbery procedure card(s) and articulates their group’s responsibilities following a robbery.

Bomb Threat Call Individual Exercise- each participant listens to a recorded bomb threat call then completes their individual bomb threat call form. Following the exercise there is a group critique and comparison.